The Ultimate Bar and Restaurant

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The Ultimate Bar and Restaurant

An African restaurant with a class of western culture. We serve local and foreign dishes. Dishes here are very affordable. Come and try The Ultimate Bar and Restaurant. We also have The Ultimate Mobile kitchen to serve you. This is our Menu:

BEEF                                                                                            OCTOPUS

Sliced beef with oyster sauce                                          with green pepper sauce
Sliced beef with green pepper                                        with onions sauce
Sliced with bamboo shoots and mushroom              Shredded octopus with onion sauce
Sliced beef with pineapple                                         with chilli sauce
Beef curry                                                               with wine sauce
Shredded beef with chilli vinegar sauce                             fried octopus
Shredded beef with onions
Shredded beef in tomato sauce

PORK                                                                                           VEGETABLE

Fried pork chopped with spiced sauce                  Sauté bamboo shoots mushroom
Sliced pork chopped with green pepper              mixed vegetables
Sliced pork with sweet and sour sauce              mushroom with oyster sauce
Sliced pork with pineapple                               Chinese cabbage with mushroom
Sweet and sour pork                                        Chinese cabbage with beef mushroom
Shredded pork with chilli & vinegar sauce                 mixed vegetable curry
Shredded pork with onions & green pepper
Sliced pork in tomato sauce

LOCAL DISHES                                                           SOUPS

Banku / fufu  served with: light soup/groundnut soup           mixed sea food soup
Palmnut soup/green soup(ebunuebunu)                      sweet corn with chicken soup
Grasscutter/snail/fish/meat                                           hot and sour
Grilled tilapia                                                    mixed vegetables soup
Tilapia soup
Ampesi with nkontomire
Special omo tuo/tuo zaafi on Sundays


COLD DISHES                                                     BURGERS

Chicken with wine sauce                                      Beef
Chicken with ginger and onions                           Cheese
Chicken with chilli & groundnut paste                      FIsh
Lobster salad                                               Bacon & cheese
Shrimps salad                                           Yam chips with chicken
Sliced beef with chilli & garlic sauce
Sliced soyed beef
shrimps in shell(oil fried)



MAFIA                     SALAMI / MUSHROOM / BACON
Mexicana                                    grounded beef /fresh garlic
Chicken                                       chicken / black olives
Arabian night                             chucken /mushroom /potato / fresh garlic
Fully loaded                               ham /chicken / beef / mushroom
Margheritta                               cheese / tomatoes
Four season                             Ham / bacon / salami / mushroom
Sausage                                  Chicken / egg / sausage
Mushroom                               Chese / mushroom
Hot & spicy                              Minced meat / hot chilli
Vegetarian                              Vegetables
Hawallan                                Tuna / pineapple / sweet carrot
Tuna                                      Tuna / tomatoes / onions /green pepper
                           THE GYM                                             
THE ULTIMATE Has an ultra Modern GYM with all Training Equipment and also has Three (3) solid GYM Instructors that will help you train to become fit and healthy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   THE BOUTIQUE    
We also have a Place where you can Shop for Yourself, your Kids and Friends. OUR Boutique is stock with Cloth, Shoes, Lingeries, Perfumes for Men, Women and Children. OUR Product are from USA, CANADA, UK, CHINA, TIAWAN, ITALY AND GERMANY.
                            THE LIVE BAND

COME to THE ULTIMATE, Every Friday to Enjoy Sweet African Old Classic Tunes from THE ULTIMATE Live Band and we have a BIG Compound for Reservation for all your Occasions. 

CONTACT US NOW!!!!  0244365386



Address:P.O. Box 0950 Osu
By Owner?Yes
Region GreaterAccra
Days Opened:Monday thru Sunday
Facebook ?Visit Link Here
Head:Joseph Konney Mensah
Town In Ghana Teshie
Satellite TV
Wash Rooms
Secured Parking