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A-Cube Microfinance Limited

A-Cube Microfinance Ltd as it is today was originally started as a Micro Loan Scheme in January 2007 by Mr. Alexander Appiah-Aboagye as a young graduate from the University of Ghana.
He saw a business opportunity and seized the opportunity to grant loans (with interest) to some Insurance Sales Agents in Accra to be repaid back at the end of the month when their commissions were paid.
Loans ranging from thirty to hundred Ghanaian Cedis were disbursed to about five Sales Agents by Mr. Alexander Appiah-Aboagye from his personal savings. In Suhum where Mr. Alexander Appiah-Aboagye undertook his national service with the Social Welfare department, National Service persons could not receive their allowances without a two to three months delay in some cases.
Here again he seized the opportunity and introduced his loan scheme to his frustrated National Service colleagues who embraced the idea with opened arms. As conduits for the dissemination of information, the National Service persons who had obviously enjoyed the loan service hesitated not to inform their work colleagues and bosses about the loan service.

Operating from the Social Welfare office and his home, Mr. Alexander Appiah-Aboagye extended his loan service to civil servants and other salaried workers. After National Service in August 2007, he rented an office space and got his A-Cube Micro Loan Scheme registered as a limited liability company under the name A-Cube Plus Ltd with his elder brother John Kow Abaka and friend, Komi Adanou as initial shareholders.
Mr. John Kow Abakah was later excommunicated from the company in 2008 after he failed to pay up his allotted shares.

Two more persons have later been admitted as shareholders. Legitimizing the Business In the spirit of building a strong foundation and conforming to the legal regime, A-Cube Plus Ltd operated with a Police CID operating license from 2007 to 2010 when the Central Bank took charge of their responsibility to regulate the Microfinance sector by an Act of Parliament (Act 744) in the year 2006. By the year 2008, A-Cube had engaged the informal sector in its operations and thus got involved in micro-savings (SUSU) mobilization.
The new Bank of Ghana regulations did not endorse deposit mobilization as a tier 3 Money Lending institution so there was a decoupling of the micro-savings (SUSU) to have a separate entity for just deposit (SUSU) mobilization.

A-Cube Plus Investment & Susu Enterprise (in Tier 4) therefore became a subsidiary of A-Cube Plus Investment and Money Lending Ltd (in Tier 3) in 2011 for deposit mobilization and lending respectively.
Bank of Ghana required licensing As a founding member of the Money Lenders Association of Ghana, Mr. Alexander Appiah-Aboagye’s A-cube was among the very first batch of applicants for the Central Bank’s license to regularize their operations.
A-Cube Plus Investment & Money Lending Ltd and A-Cube Plus Investment & Susu Ent both applied for licenses to operate a money lending business in tier 3 and a Susu business respectively in the year 2012.
A license was issued for the Susu business same year whilst the lending business license is still under processing. The new A-Cube By a board resolution have been merged again into A-Cube Microfinance Ltd. The new restructured business has applied for a tier two Microfinance license from the Central Bank and is under processing


To facilitate wealth and job creation within our catchment area of operation


To meet the financial needs of the borrowing market particularly the segment that is marginalized by the mainstream commercial banks by providing them the difference they deserve.


1) LOANS  

* Business (SUSU) loans

*Back on road (transport) loans

*Social (salary) loans

*General commerce loans


*Fixed Deposit

*Three (3) months fixed deposit with unbeatable returns on investment

*Six (6) months fixed deposit with unbeatable returns on investment

*Twelve (12) months fixed deposits with unbeatable returns on investment.

*Above one year fixed deposits are also available on demand.
Long term investment in the form of shareholding is available on request. All fixed deposit amounts and rates are negotiable.
Call the MD on 0244756392 or 0501258270



The Micro savings is a typical SUSU account where a customer can save any amount and withdraw any amount at any time.
A withdrawal charge of not less than 3% of the amount being withdrawn is deducted from your balance.
This account can qualify you for a loan once you have saved for at least 3 months.


The Minor savings account also allows a customer to save any amount but leave a minimum balance of GHC 10.00 at all times in the account. Account is suitable for intermediate savers.
Up to two (2x) times withdrawal without any charge in every one month.
It is an interest bearing account.
This account can qualify you for a loan once you have saved for at least 3 months.


With the Major account, a customer can save any amount and withdraw any amount at any time. Account is suitable for heavy depositors.
There is no withdrawal charge and no limit to withdrawals in a month.
COT is applied on monthly basis.
Special arrangements can be made for monies to be withdrawn and delivered to customers at their places of work or home.
This account can qualify you for a loan once you have operated saved for at least 3 months.Please leave a conversation request and we will contact you ASAP.


General insurance business for Enterprise Insurance and micro insurance for Star Micro Insurance. Please leave a conversation request and we will contact you ASAP

A-Cube is the oldest Microfinance in Suhum as all competitors that were in existence before the establishment of A-Cube have folded up. A-Cube is thus the standard for microfinance in the Suhum Metropolis with our unwavering brand.

A-Cube has always been governed by a well constituted board with very rich experience in their various professional backgrounds.

A-Cube has a very strong foundation with tested systems and structures and great potential for growth.

The founder and Managing Director is a successful and disciplined young entrepreneur who offers training and direction on radio and other platforms.

CONTACT US ON!!! +233 244 756 392 / +233 342 52 2377 / +233 501 258 270


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